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If you have been lucky enough to see a whale, dolphin or porpoise in the Hebrides, please report your sighting to us by filling out our online sightings form below. All sightings will be validated and displayed on our Recent Sightings Table.

Remember each sighting we receive provides us with useful information about the distribution of different cetacean species. For help with species identification, please refer to our Identification Tips page which contains descriptions of the more commonly sighted species and tips on how to recognize them at sea.

If you want to find out about other sightings reported recently in the Hebrides, please refer to our Recent Sightings Table.

If you wish to report a stranded animal, please refer to our Strandings page.

Please report each sighting individually

Was your sighting outwith the Hebrides and West Coast of Scotland? if so, please report it to Sea Watch Foundation .

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