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Bottlenose dolphins in Tobermory Bay
Bottlenose dolphins in Tobermory Bay

Bottlenose dolphins in Tobermory Bay

St. Patricks Day turned out to be a very special day for us at HWDT. Just before 4pm on the 17th March we received a phone call from Nic Davies that bottlenose dolphins were just entering Tobermory Bay. Within 10 minutes we organised a boat and were on the water, cameras at the ready.

The dolphins did not disappoint us! Within minutes we saw the first dolphin jumping out of the water and it was not the last time we saw this acrobatic behaviour during the encounter. Snapping away we felt very lucky to spend over half an hour with these beautiful animals, which were very playful and curious.

We were quite surprised to see them here in the bay this early in the year. It has also been the first time in years that they swam up as far as the pontoon, which makes the St. Patricks Day encounter even more special. We saw approximately 7 animals in the Bay. Photo-ID analysis is currently under way to confirm the number of individuals and we also hope to find out if they are from the west coast population.

This news story also featured on the Daily Mail website with exclusive photos taken by Nic Davies. We've posted another photo from the encounter on Twitter - follow us @HWDT_org

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Photo © Sandra Koetter/HWDT