Mr Richard Balharry MBE

Mr Richard Balharry MBE

HWDT Patron

Richard Balharry was, until 1997, Area Manager of Scottish Natural Heritage and held a number of positions with its predecessor bodies. He was closely involved in the establishment and development of Craig Meagaidh as a National Nature Reserve.

He is presently on the committee for Nature Conservation & Countryside, the National Trust for Scotland and is Chairman of the John Muir Trust. He was awarded an honorary degree from Aberdeen University in 1995, and an MBE in 1996, both for services to Nature Conservation.

Jack Matthews MA, DPhil, FRSE

Jack Matthews


A zoologist by training and inspired by his professor, Sir Alister Hardy, to specialize on plankton, that crucial element in the life of the sea. He has worked in some of the most productive coastal waters in the world, including Norway, where he was Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Bergen, Canada, where he was a Visiting Professor at the University of British Columbia, and Scotland, where he was Director of the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS).

As retiral approached, his interests extended to the top of the marine food chain, to the whales and dolphins, the magnificent creatures that for aeons have exploited the natural resources of the sea efficiently and sustainably, an example to mankind, who in recent centuries has emerged as their most serious competitor. Through understanding them better, perhaps we can learn to compete with them more fairly.